How to Burn Body Fat Quickly - Tips to Burn Body Fat

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There is a very big difference between losing weight quickly and losing body fat quickly. Most of the time people only focus on weight loss and this is also one of the reason why people struggle so much. Knowing how to burn body fat quickly and successfully is hard enough, but very often putting the theory into practice is much harder.

How to burn body fat quickly


- The most important part of fat loss, has nothing to do with exercise programs or diet plans, and a lot to do with your mind. People have the mindset of easy and quick weight loss, which as you know is very ineffective to say the least. Instead of the diet mindset people should focus on developing lifelong habits. A habit is something your do automatically without much effort, like brushing your teeth every morning. So ideally a person should develop healthy habits, like eating correctly and regular exercise, that are continued for a lifetime, not for 5-6 weeks like diets.

Muscle loss

- If you want to burn fat as effectively as possible, then keeping your muscle at all cost, should be your priority. The problem with weight loss, is that you lose fat along with muscle and the less muscle you have, the less calories your body burns. Muscle is like a furnace, that burns calories 24/7, without you having to do anything. Muscle loss is something you have to avoid, if you want to burn body fat quickly.

Calorie deficit

- To lose body fat you need a calorie deficit, that is very clear. You can achieve this deficit either by increasing your activity or reducing your calories. Most people focus too much on reducing calories and that can cause problems. Reducing calories too much, will cause muscle loss. So it is always better to increase your activity a lot and reduce your calories a little.

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How to Burn Body Fat Quickly - Tips to Burn Body Fat

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This article was published on 2010/03/26