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Trying to lose body fat is a constant struggle for too many people. Because people become so frustrated with trying over and over again to finally burn off that body fat they want gone, they often turn to unhealthy crash diets. This is often spurred by slim, beautiful celebrities and models showing off their bodies all while stating that they "never diet or exercise," and that they must just have "good genes."

While there do exist people with super metabolisms who don't need to diet or exercise to stay fit and slim, they are a very slim minority. Unfortunately, the message these celebrities are sending out is quite irresponsible and can end up harming the self-confidence of many people who struggle with their weight and fitness.

In order to lose body fat quickly and healthily, you need to first learn about how your body works. Each day, your body tries to burn about as many calories as you consume, to keep everything balanced. When your body is overwhelmed for any of a variety of reasons, it will store some of these calories away as fat to use up in an emergency situation later. While technically the starvation diets may have you starve yourself to the point where your body will turn to these emergency fat reserves, in reality most of the weight lost is simply water weight and will return as soon as you being eating again.

When you work on burning off your body fat, you should focus on making lifestyle changes. That means evaluating your lifestyle, understanding what makes you tick and your relationship with food and exercise. Try drinking more water, walking to destinations more often, and decreasing the portions you put on your plate. This doesn't mean that you can't lose weight quickly and healthily, though! You may find that with some help, you'll find a method that works for you - and once you discover it, you'll find that your body will begin to respond very quickly to your efforts.

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Lose Body Fat Quickly and Healthily

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This article was published on 2010/05/26