Reducing Your Body Fat

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What exactly is the body fat that determines whether people are overweight or obese? Body fat is known as adipose tissue, which is derived from lipoblasts. Its main purpose is to store energy and secondarily it provides layers of cushioning and insulation to important areas of the body. When you want to succeed at weight loss with a boot camp program, you should worry less about your total pounds and more about body fat.

Women have higher ranges of natural body fat than men have. In a woman, a body fat of 10-12% is considered essential, while from 14-20% is the range to be considered a true athlete. Further, 21-24% is considered healthy or at a fitness level and 25-31% is acceptable or slightly overweight. Above 32% is obese in women. For men it's much lower, with 2-4% body fat essential, 6-13% as athletic, 14-17% as a good, fit body, 18-25% normal to slightly overweight and above 26% as obese.
Tips to Reduce Body Fat and See Weight Loss

1. A good boot camp program for weight loss will have you eating more meals per day, as many as 5-7 as opposed to 3 large meals. This will keep your metabolism at a high level so you burn as much calories as
possible, while maintaining your energy all day long. Also try to avoid simple or processed carbs.

2. You need to change what you drink for weight loss. Stop drinking soda and start drinking water, which is calorie free.

3. You should actually slow down the pace of your eating. The slower you eat, the more of a chance you give your body to tell you that it's full and you can stop eating.

4. Any kind of exercise is better than no exercise at all. If you aren't active, start off your boot camp program by taking walks around the neighborhood for 15 minutes before or after dinner.

5. Cooking your own meals at home provides you a better opportunity to control what you eat and limit your portion size. An added bonus in addition to the weight loss is saving lots of money.

6. Avoid foods with high sugar content and be wary of foods that are fat free but then provide lots of sugar. Sugar is basically wasted calories, and will end up slowing down or reversing your weight loss.

7. Drinking some green tea or taking a supplement will help speed up your metabolism and lead to increased weight loss.

8. Eating foods that are high in fiber will help your digestive processes and will also keep you fuller for a longer period of time, preventing you from overeating.

9. Always be wary of what kinds of dressings, sauces and condiments you use. There are lots of good, light options you can use that can save a lot of calories.

10. Once you start to lose weight or achieve your goal don't throw it all away by returning to your habits. Far too many people achieve their goals and then gain the weight right back. Stay focused and committed to your boot camp and weight loss plan.

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Reducing Your Body Fat

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This article was published on 2010/04/02