The Ideal Body Fat Loss Guide

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Have you ever wanted to know about your own ideal body fat percentage? If yes then this article is for you. But the problem is that there is no perfect answer for this question. In reality it varies a lot between individuals as per their age, body type, heredity, eating habits, gender and normal physical activities in a day. One may have 5% as his or her ideal body fat; at the same time one other individual can have 15% as his or her ideal body fat. However, you should not have more than 25% of fat percentage in your body have always been considered as unhealthy.

Gender is the most important factor when you are talking about ideal body fat. In normal condition, males should have their goal of about 5% as their ideal fat percentage while it holds good as 15% in females. If you are a female and trying to get your fat levels at around 5% then most probably you are not doing well for your own body.

Activity level of your body is one of the important factors to decide the fat percentage. If you have extensive physical activities in a day then you should have low body fat than who don't need to physical activities.

If your age is around 20 then you should have lower body fat than someone who is around 70.

However, it is one of the important factors in view of being healthy and your effort of getting a good body shape, you should always go for a safer index like body mass index to know the basic health level of your body.

Regular check of body fat percentage as well as body mass index can help you to keep motivated for your ultimate goal of being healthy and getting a better body shape.

Best of Luck!

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The Ideal Body Fat Loss Guide

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This article was published on 2010/04/04