Understanding Your Body - The Best Way to Losing Body Fat

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It does not necessarily follow that if you are losing weight, then you are losing body fat. No, that is not always the case. Sometimes, when you lose weight, you are losing your muscles because you have not been doing this endeavor properly.

The Function of Fat

To understand how to properly get that toned body, you need to understand the mechanisms in your system.

First things first. Fats are not necessarily bad. In all essence, they fuel the body for energy and they aid in vitamin absorption. Fats are also responsible for insulating the body.

Therefore, if you want to lose weight, you must be able to get rid of "useless fat." Scientifically, these are referred to as storage fats accumulated in adipose tissues. These tissues keep fats and release them when they are needed.

The Location of Storage Fats

Therefore, the best way of losing weight is in losing body fat - the storage fats. Believe it or not, most of these unwanted fats are stored in your midsection, or in layman's term, your belly. This is because it takes less energy to carry them there than in any other part of the body (such as your fingers, legs and chest). Therefore, many weight loss programs primarily target the midsection.

Shedding off Those Unwanted Fats

But doing a series of abdominal exercises with the intention of losing body fat is not a sure-shot technique. This is because you cannot dictate where you cut on fats, your body does. And simply working out the muscles that you find "fatty" would not do the trick either.

Liposuction - removing the excess fat on your belly - would not even be a better approach if after the operation, you continue to consume large amounts of food. This is because fats store themselves where fat cells are found. If these cells are removed from your abdomen (as in the case of liposuction), then they will find some other place and make it as their home.

The best way of losing body fat is to do a full-body workout. Of course, you must burn more calories than you take them. You must use them often and take in less. This way, you will have less storage fats.

Gender Differences in Body Fat Percentage and Storage

It's also a scientific fact that men and women differ in terms of body fat percentage. Essential fat in men ranges from 2 to 5%; in women, it is from 10 to 13%. This is because females need more fat for childbearing and other hormonal functions. With this data, it can be inferred that women should exert more effort in losing body fat.

Storage of fats also varies according to gender. In an anthropological sense, fats in women accumulate in the breast, buttocks and the hips. This fact helps create a more attractive female physique. Men, on the other hand, have large amounts of storage fats in their bellies.

Knowing what fats are for and where they are located are helpful in your endeavor of losing body fat, and losing weight in general. Understanding their mechanisms will certainly eradicate a number of weight loss misconceptions. Only when you've learned the right stuff - and unlearned the wrong ones - will you be able to lose body fat quickly, safely and accurately.

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Understanding Your Body - The Best Way to Losing Body Fat

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This article was published on 2010/04/03